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Practeria can upskill your operational staff fast, effectively and continuously.

Our training solutions are on par with the latest innovation in manufacturing and production.

We are here to transform your operations to the new digital era by boosting technical competencies of your workforce.

Our Products

Digital & Blended Courses

We design & deliver e-learning and blended learning courses for manufacturing. Job-specific, technical skills training cannot be limited to a classroom environment, every training solution focuses on skills practice, not abstract theory. By incorporating immersive content into skills training we amplify the upskilling and are able to reach the largest possible number of candidates in a shortest space of time.

Virtual Reality (VR) applications

Our unique virtual reality applications are designed to provide a safe environment for employees to practice new skills and bolster their confidence, prior to being ready to operate in a real work environment.

Augmented Reality (AR) applications

Our specifically designed augmented reality applications support employees in performing on-the-job tasks in a real work environment, long after the training phase has been completed. The result is an improvement in their confidence as they prepare to operate in a real work environment.

Our Services

Change and Project Management

Every implementation of new technology, new processes & systems cannot be effectively implemented without changing human mindsets and capabilities. We work alongside technical experts to manage change in a holistic and structured way by steering employees transition into a new reality.

Blended learning consultancy

Working directly with businesses, we transform their traditional face-to-face training into long-lasting, digital learning experiences. Our blended solutions are highly-effective because they a) are available in a scalable digital format and b) are built around skills mastery and not abstract theoretical knowledge. Blended courses produce faster and more effective results than traditional methods.

Engineering consultancy

As experts in the advanced manufacturing field we provide engineering consultancy in the areas of manufacturing process support, CNC machining, additive manufacturing, workshop optimization, and new technologies related to production. The decision on which new technologies to invest in, is often daunting and we can assist with expert knowledge of the current and future market trends.

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